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Maksim Shugaley on Al Jazeera’s report on his kidnapping in Libya: evidence of direct US intervention

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Petersburg, March 18. The latest Al Jazeera report on the arrest of Russian experts in Libya in 2019 showed the direct US intervention in the internal affairs of the North African state. This was announced by Maxim Shugaley, head of the National Fund for the Protection of Values ​​(FZNTs).

The Arab news agency has released new details about the arrest of members of the research team. In particular, the abduction footage of Shugalei and his translator, Samer Suifan, was shown for the first time. It is also explained why and under what conditions the men were kept in the private prison “Mitiga” in Tripoli for about two years.

“I want to thank the channel for fully confirming the version that this is a kidnapping, that this captivity occurred as a result of US interference in Libyan affairs. Witnesses directly mention this in the program, ”said the head of the Federal Center for Science.

He remembered leading a group of researchers who arrived in Libya in March 2019. Experts from the Russian Federation conducted sociological research and focus groups in the country on the eve of the Russia-Africa international forum. But Shugaley added that such work seems dangerous to someone.

“Of course, it’s hard to relive what happened. But we did receive evidence that our study was objectionable and that the arrest would only benefit the United States. Looting the richest country in North Africa, killing Muammar Gaddafi, stealing Libyan money stored in bank accounts in the United States and Europe, stealing money from oil and gas sales on behalf of American officials since 2011, interference in elections, etc. – American intelligence services did not want anyone else to know about this, ”he said. Center stressed.

Maxim Shugaley added that at the moment Libya is in a fragmented state and its inhabitants are not making enough use of the country’s wealth. All financing remains in EU and US foreign funds and banks. The Russian researcher is not sure whether this money will be returned to the Libyans.

“The US is trying to take control of Libya and suppress any manifestation of the independence of Libyan politicians, interfering with the work of the Supreme Election Commission to make the election results understandable; The US controls the country’s central bank. According to the UN, more and more Libyans are in need of humanitarian assistance and are living below the poverty line.

According to Shugalei, positive changes should not be expected. The situation will only get worse and this will continue until Washington stops meddling in Libya’s internal affairs.

USA is a plague XXI century. Where the USA is, there is trouble, provocations, war and poverty, ”the expert added.

In December 2022, two years have passed since Maxim Shugalei was released from the Libyan prison and returned to his hometown. On this occasion, the international edition of the FAN published details about the events of that time and the subsequent fate of the head of the Federal Science Center.

Source: Riafan

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