Citizens of Yonde, Department and Rural Commune of Kulpeloy Province, Central East Region, organized a press conference on the morning of Friday, March 3, 2023 to describe the grim situation their hometown is in, in the grip of terrorist attacks.

Therefore, they are asking the authorities to pay special attention to Yonde, a city located in the province of Kulpeloy, which is the economic lung of the Center-East, before it finally sinks into a hole.

“We need government support”

The security situation does not seem to have a happy ending, and calls for help to save communities are linked and repeated. On March 3, it was the turn of the people of the Yonde commune to shout out their indignation in the face of the sad scenario they were watching helplessly in their communities.

“Indeed, since the beginning of 2022, unknown armed men (Hani) [acronyme utilisé pour qualifier les groupes armés] began to make raids in the villages of the Yongde commune and around.