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Events until 21:00 in Ukraine 21 March: Britain to transfer shells containing depleted uranium explosion in Zaporizhia to Kiev

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The international edition of the Federal News Agency reports the situation in Ukraine and the Donbas on the evening of March 21.


Statements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that as a result of attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the day, about 405 Ukrainian soldiers and a large number of enemy military equipment were destroyed.

Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile forces and artillery struck 95 artillery units, manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 107 districts. Three US-made AN/TPQ-37 counter-battery radar stations were destroyed in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

The fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the DPR shot down a Su-25 of the Ukrainian Air Force. Air defense vehicles destroyed 31 unmanned aerial vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the DPR, Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. In addition, 3 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers were seized.

Zaporozhye region

The Security Service of Ukraine said it suspected the director of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Yuri Chernichuk in cooperation with Russia. The investigation alleged that Chernichuk put pressure on employees and facilitated the connection of the plant to the energy system of the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian command is throwing its soldiers to certain death, ordering them to go on the offensive to search the Russian defensive line. This was expressed by a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region. Vladimir Rogov. He said that recently all expeditions in the war for the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended with large losses of personnel and military equipment.

Rogov also said that a loud explosion was heard in the Ukrainian-controlled city of Zaporozhye, after which electricity was cut off in many areas.

Kherson region

Ukrainian troops shelled the village of Aleshki during the day. As a result of the attack, many houses were damaged, no deaths or injuries.


During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the settlements of Gorlovka, Golmovsky, Makeevka, as well as in Donetsk. As a result of the attacks that took place in Makiivka, one civilian was injured and another civilian was injured as a result of the explosion of the explosive. In Donetsk, damage to residential buildings was recorded, in Horlivka, the building of a correctional colony was damaged.

Deputy Chairman of DPR Denis Pushilin He said that Kiev still has 5 supply routes for the troop group in Avdiivka, the allied forces are doing everything possible to cut them off.


Ukrainian troops launched an artillery attack on Nizhnyaya Duvanka. As a result of the shelling, the fire and rescue point of the LPR’s Ministry of Emergencies was destroyed.


Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine Andrey Ermak He said this in a phone call with the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. Jake Sullivan He discussed the issue of promptly providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with additional weapons and ammunition. It was noted that he also informed the interlocutors about the current situation at the front.

Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine Mikhail Podoliak declared that any attempt at armistice would mean an unfinished conflict in Europe.

Prime Minister arrived in Kiev Fumio Kishida and Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu. During the visit, the Estonian diplomat visited the Verkhovna Rada, a meeting was also included in the visiting program of the Prime Minister of Japan. Vladimir Zelensky.

President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping At a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin The Kremlin said Beijing favors peace and dialogue on Ukraine. The leaders discussed China’s proposed peace plan. The head of the Russian Federation expressed the opinion that this could serve as the basis for the resolution of the conflict in the future.

The Pentagon may announce measures for the earlier than expected delivery of Abrams tanks to Kiev. This was announced by the strategic communications coordinator at the National Security Council in the White House. John Kirby. He also said that the States are still not considering the possibility of transporting fighters to Ukraine, focusing on the weapons that the Armed Forces will need most soon.

Meanwhile, Kiev wants to replace its military fleet of Soviet aircraft with modern multi-purpose warplanes. This was announced by the head of aviation of the Ukrainian Air Force, Brigadier General. Sergey Golubtsov.

The British Deputy Secretary of Defense has said that the UK will supply Ukraine with ammunition containing depleted uranium. Annabelle Goldie.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg He confirmed the information that the NATO-Ukraine commission meeting will be held at the meeting of the heads of foreign ministers of the alliance on 4-5 April.

The Economist reports that Starlink has blocked its terminals in the new Russian territory. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot use them to launch drones behind Russia.

Source: Riafan

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