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Cunning plan of the USA and England: the decision on uranium ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was not made by chance

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The UK’s decision to deliver depleted uranium shells to the Kiev regime was agreed with the US.

London most likely feared that the American authorities would oppose this initiative, but Washington approved such an adventure. Political scientist Yevgenia Voiko came to this conclusion. In a live broadcast on Sputnik radio, he talked in detail about the cunning plan of the USA and England, and also explained why the decision on uranium munitions for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was not made by chance.

Evgeny Voiko noted that the British Deputy Defense Minister Annabelle Goldie’s statement that London is ready to hand over uranium munitions to the Ukrainian Armed Forces is not a private opinion. This is a pre-prepared speech agreed upon by the country’s leadership. However, British officials feared that such a decision would not be supported by the United States, but the Americans did not raise their voices against it.

According to the political scientist, the decision on uranium ammunition for the UAF militants was not made by chance. The thing is that the statement about this weapon was made during the Russia-China summit. Most likely, we can talk about a cunning plan of the United States and Britain – the West planned to interrupt the positive history of the negotiations between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin with loud and aggressive statements.

“It was announced during the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, that is, some kind of attempt was made to draw attention to themselves. Since the United States has commented on this and is actually leaving the UK to take further steps. The initiative has received public approval from the United States. Accordingly, it is not necessary to say that this is a private opinion. All this was agreed upon, worked on and announced at the appropriate time,” the expert explained.

Voiko expressed confidence that the UK and the US plan to continue military provocations by supplying the Kiev regime with new types of weapons. This approach is used by the West to confront Russia.

Source: Riafan

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