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In the future, NHL club jerseys will be produced by another company

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Theodor Bluger. Photograph: AFP / Scan

The National Hockey League (NHL) will not continue to cooperate with the previous game shirts manufacturer “adidas”, which ended the collaboration that began in 2017.

Since 2017 all NHL club jerseys are manufactured and supplied by “adidas”, but from 2024/2025 “The Fans” will do this for the seasons of the year.

This will be the third jersey manufacturer since 2005 when the NHL began collaborating with Reebok. A ten-year contract was signed with the “Fanatics”. Its final season will be 2033/2034. year.

This company is widely specialized in the production of various sportswear and articles. The NHL offers commemorative jerseys, but also has the opportunity to produce 32 club jerseys for the first time in its history.

The first thing that the “fans” plan to implement in practice will be the special resistance of the shirts to cuts caused by skate blades. Providing additional protection for players on the field is part of the NHL program.

Source: Tv Net

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