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TV review: support for Elina Papila after the repressions and the new show of Natalia Germanu

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Impressions average, but let’s wait. IN Elina Papila and every Elina Papila, who is trying to find her place on television. Then we complain that young people are not given a place and that some are chained to chairs.

We have public support for Elina Papila. Andreas Mikrouciku continues, we have. We have a new series.

All this and more on Resume TV What follows.

Giorgos Kartelias supports Elina Papila

OUR Elina Papila with We Are Together premiered on ANT1. What’s happened; Tell me eat. And they fell. If the show were the absolute avant-garde? No, no, again. We’ve seen it all before, but why not make time and space for new efforts?

Criticism of Elina Papila is strong, support is also strong. OUR George Kartelias he publicly supported her, speaking at Alpha and on the Super Katerina show.

“I saw the premiere, but not from the very beginning. In wickedness we are all first. This worries me a lot.

When something starts, it’s not good to judge it directly. Okay, okay, that was a little old fashioned. So what; Let it develop, let the new be seen,” says Giorgos Kartelias about Elina Papila’s show.

“Now it has begun. I believe it will go up, show time is also hard. A weekend day is not the best time, especially now that the weather is getting better. When it was officially announced that she would begin, of course I spoke to her and wished her all the best.”

Giorgos Kartelias said: “We are with you, Elina Papila.”

Katerina Kainurgiu for Elina Papila started in Katerina Kainurgiu ended

In connection with the numbers of viewers recorded at the premiere of Elina Papila, Katerina Kainurgiu remembered her own. He started supporting Elina Papila and ended up doing what he did at Epsilon.

For me at the moment they are doing her the best advertisement. As long as they continue and beat her not only us, but also the sites that I see, I really like her from the very first show,” Kateryna Kainurgiu said about Elina Papila.

“We all start somewhere. I also remember myself, we did 3% on Epsilon with Themis and ate swearing. Next year, how much did we make 23%? And what did we achieve? Be the first. Because by the way we are the first since the beginning of the seasonbecause I hear different things from here and there.

I mean the young audience, because this is the audience that has been measured the most in the last 20 years. And I don’t say this as a personal success, because I never believed in personality oriented shows. If we are the first, I owe it to everyone here and above,” Kateryna Kainurgiu explained.

Elina Papila? Who is Elina Papila?

Kostas Tsouros: “We are not attacking Andreas Mikroutsikos, we are attacking what he said”

Andreas Mikroutsikos in the spotlight on the occasion of his interview with OK! and his reference to Olga Tremi. Much has been heard. More has been written. OUR Kostas Tsusos wanted to reassign. I subscribe.

“I also understand Andreas Mikroutsikos who wants to defend himself and speak his mind, and we accept that he said that he did it out of naivety – I don’t think Andreas Mikroutsikos is naive – on the other hand, they get into her ether.

I don’t think anyone is knocking this particular show. Also, we don’t condemn Andreas Mikroutsikos, we condemn what Andreas Mikroutsikos said..

The fact that he was at a stage in his life when he was leaving the hospital where he was living on oxygen and we wished him well for that, this does not mean that the same person, if he says something, should not be judged for what he says. It’s one and the other. Reaction to Andreas’ words.

What should I play?


Eleni Hatsidu is pregnant? Enough

Eleni Hadzidu spoke about the messages she receives. By the way, Eleni. We were very happy.” “Every day I find a post on Instagram asking if I’m pregnant.. The day before yesterday, a girl sent me “very happy for you.”

Apparently to say thank you and to say that he found out that I was pregnant. It’s not just about legumes, it’s about greens, dairy products,” he said and turned in profile so we could take a picture of the belly.

I want to tell you that if I get pregnant, I won’t tell you.. Not yet, I want my time. You understand. I unzipped it too, tell me now: do you think I’m pregnant or that I ate something at recess and it made me angry?

Don’t ask her that question, it’s not a good question. If we want, we will say so. Since you see that I’m a little puffed up, you directly ask me about it. This is purely personal and I feel bad“.

Didn’t we tell this question to come off the SOS? We have said it and we will say it again.

Natalia Germanu to host Secret Song

And I don’t say that. From official sources it became known that Natalia Germanu, who continues to work as usual and next season with the best, will also present Secret Song.

Secret Song is released on Alpha, which will be presented by Natalia Germanu and I am very happy that he will finally make such a successful project abroad,” said Nikos Koklonis.

And since we are talking about songs and dances. We will also have fame story revival; “It will come in September. It’s not easy to do either, you see what the television landscape is like there, it’s strange.

The only thing we know for sure is that J2US will end in the summer, start in January, and I’ll introduce something in September and December.”

Alina Kotsovulu about “no” to Christophoros Papakaliatis

OUR Alina Kotsovulu she was a guest of Fotis Sergulopoulos and Janis Melitas on the set of Morning in Sight.

Among other things, he also referred to the much-discussed “no” he said to Christophoros Papakaliatis’ proposal.

I always wanted to live in England. So as soon as I finished school, I worked in Greece and in alternative theater, I had very good collaborations, but I was itching to go out somewhere. I have an audition in London, I go to my good friend who accepts me, and they accept me to the school for a three-year section.

At the same time, Stamatis Fasoulis also takes me to a performance in my second year at the National Theatre. I send them a letter stating that I will not be able to come to the three-year program and if I can go next year. “Yes, of course, we keep your place, but you will audition again,” they told me. So that’s how it happened and I went when I was done with the show.

“No” to Papakaliatis, I said it, it was written everywhere, and I don’t want to be misunderstood at all.. It is clear that he is an excellent artist, and we also had communication in a friendly company in those years. I’ve known him since I was very young and we were in a band.

Christoforos comes, says that there is a role in this series on such and such a channel with such and such a director.

“I really want to, but I will go to England,” I say. It was in MEGA, in “Take Care of Me”. Of course, of course, it’s good, but I didn’t think I could come two or three days a week and find a way to do it.

I’m a very disciplined and consistent person, so I don’t want to give you trouble and give you problems on set. So I didn’t think of it that way. It was done and it was said in a big conversation, it was just highlighted in the reproduction.

Premiere of IQ 160 at Star

IQ 160a new weekly crime thriller series that premieres on Star on Sunday, March 26 with a double episode.

The main characters n emerald coconutwho returns to fiction after a 7-year absence and o Nicos Kuris.

An unconventional woman, but possessing an extraordinary intellect, but no one could have imagined it.
A quirky paper-loving cop who suddenly has to work with her to solve crimes. The mismatched duet will not leave any police secret unsolved.

FAMAGUSTA: New series by Andreas Georgiou and Vana Dimitriou

A life story born from the wreckage of the Turkish invasion, inspired by real events.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of CyprusAndreas Georgiou, Vana Dimitriou and Kullis Nicolau will present the 24-episode series “FAMAGUSTA” on MEGA screens.

On August 14, 1974, time in Famagusta froze forever. With the Assumption of the Virgin, the city buries over 3,000 Greek Cypriots.

Black August turns the fast-growing city, one of the largest tourist resorts in the Mediterranean, into a ghost town. Turkey, with its second Operation Attila II, occupies 36.2% of the island and displaces 120,000 Cypriots, with another 20,000 left stranded.

FAMAGUSTA is the Frankish name for Famagusta., the capital of the eponymous province of Cyprus. It is a corruption of the Greek name Famagusta (buried in the sand) and has been found since the 4th century AD. century.

50 years ago, Famagusta functioned like an open wound, hiding thousands of human stories about a place that was forced to move, but whose people left their souls.

These true stories inspired Andreas Georgiou and Van Dimitriou to create a special television series in which the past is intertwined with the present, and fate plays incredible games. Written by Van Dimitriou with input from Dimitris Tokaris in research.

A couple of young people lose their three-month-old baby on the day of the invasion. They themselves are forced to leave their place, leaving with them all the hope of finding their baby.

He is forced to fight, but she stays. But their love is so strong that it can withstand war and loss. Together they will create a wonderful family and complement their happiness with three children.

Nevertheless, they will never forget this childthat no matter how many decades pass, his loss will forever remain a thorn in their lives.

A baby who managed to survive in the nightmarish conditions of war, and today a fifty-year-old man, whom we watch as he lives his life along with the life of his family, who never heard anything about him.

Filming of the series, which will start in May, takes place in Cyprus, Athens and London.

Starring: Yannis Bezos, Coralia KarantisAndreas Georgiou, George Zenios.

Source: Lady Like

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