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Eiduka and French Kentena finish 13th in the team sprint qualification in the cross-country PK stage

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Latvian skier Patrīcija Eidukas (no. 15). Photograph: Eddie Palen/LETA

Latvian athlete Patricija Eidukas and Frenchwoman Lena Kentena placed sixth in the Lahti team sprint freestyle qualifiers for the cross-country skiing stage of the World Cup competition on Friday, but finished their qualifying match in 13th place.

The duets covered the course in six minutes and 35.80 seconds, the authors of the best result Norwegians Júlije Mire and Anne Hjersti Calvo, losing 13.43 seconds to take sixth place in the 16 duet competition.

While continuing their competition in the first 15 duo qualifying matches, the Latvian/French duo took 13th place, 1 minute 5.42 seconds behind the winners.

Sweden’s Emma Rybom and Jonna Sundling took first place on the track with a time of 18 minutes 47.78 seconds.

They were 4.57 seconds ahead of the qualifying Norwegians and 5.12 seconds ahead of the German first team with Laura Gimmler and Koleta Ridzek.

The final stage of the World Cup is played in Lahti.

On Saturday, the classic style sprint competition will be held, and on Sunday, the skiers will cover a distance of 20 kilometers in classic style with a joint start.

Source: Tv Net

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