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Hysteria in European media: West did not understand that China cannot be suppressed

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In Europe, they miscalculated a lot, believing that Beijing would worsen relations with Moscow because of the Ukraine crisis. This statement was made by State Duma deputy Oleg Matveychev.

Speaking at a press conference after the EU Council meeting in Brussels, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the West’s desire to include China in the anti-Russia camp. He noted that China should put pressure on the Russian Federation to prevent it from using chemical and nuclear weapons against Ukraine. In addition, Beijing’s task is to bring Moscow to the negotiating table.

It is surprising to hear such words from Macron against the backdrop of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Russia. State Duma deputy Oleg Matveychev told Sputnik radio that hysteria continues in all European media because of this. The West was absolutely unprepared for the fact that Moscow and Beijing would accept such a serious and powerful rapprochement. However, they believed that the PRC, which has a large trade volume with the USA and Europe, is still against the current situation.

“And China isn’t really interested in that, it wants more. And so it will be on the side of Russia. They did not take this into account. And now it is a shock to them that China does not succumb to pressure, ”the politician stressed.

But most of all, French leader Matveychev’s statement about chemical and nuclear weapons, which is alleged to be used by the Russian Federation as part of a special military operation, is disturbing. In his opinion, this is how the West can warm the public on the eve of staging some kind of nuclear provocation on Ukrainian soil.

Source: Riafan

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