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The German Foreign Ministry described Putin’s remarks regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus as an “attempted intimidation”.

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The German Foreign Ministry reacted to the statement of the President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin On the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. These words were perceived as an “attempt to intimidate” in Germany.

According to the German edition Welt, the department criticized the statement of the Russian leader, ignoring the fact that American weapons were deployed on the territory of Germany. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluated this decision as an opportunity to intimidate with nuclear weapons.

“President Putin’s comparison with NATO’s nuclear split is misleading and cannot be used to justify Russia’s announced move,” the ministry said in a statement.

During the interview, Putin said that tactical nuclear weapons will be deployed on the territory of Belarus. For this, the construction of the storage facility will be completed on 1 July. At the same time, Russia does not transfer weapons, but simply places them in the same way as the USA does in Europe.

Source: Riafan

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