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Archpriest Alexander Pelin: Ukrainian authorities have proven their godless and theomakist nature

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The current government in Ukraine is essentially godless and theomakist. This was confirmed by the lawlessness prevailing in the territories controlled by Kiev, the arrest and torture of Orthodox priests of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), their expulsion from churches and monasteries, including the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. department of relations between the church and society of the diocese of St. Petersburg, archbishop Alexander Pelin.

As Father Alexander noted, the situation with laurels It’s just one of the stages, parts of the general offensive of Satanism. This is a kind of “anti-crusade” against Christianity in general.

“His real task is to reshape humanity and each person through quasi-religious entities. According to this plan, Greater Russia should be divided into many small states and the war between Kiev and Moscow should be continued until the last Ukrainian and Russian. And if they kill each other, it’s okay, because we intervene Because we are Orthodox,” explained the candidate of theology.

faith is threatened

The abbot emphasized that Orthodoxy is one of the strongest traditional beliefs. And if you look at the matter from a geopolitical standpoint, very few Christians have adhered to the canons.

Archpriest Alexander Pelin: Ukrainian authorities have proven their godless and theomakist nature

“If we talk about Catholics, then only some. Let me remind you that Germany’s Catholic bishops have decided to marry same-sex marriages despite the Pope’s prohibition. This is complete apostasy, that is, deviating from a subject. Not to mention the Protestants of the Scandinavian countries, for example, Denmark and Sweden, where only same-sex marriage is crowned, but also the recognition of some absolutely monstrous forms of unions, including children, is seriously discussed. In other words, they are trying to declare it legal to live with children.”

As for canonical Orthodoxy, according to Father Alexander, it must first be divided into several confessions in order to weaken it. Best example of where this is done Ukraine

“Obviously, the schismatic sect of the OCU (Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Not FAN) non-canonical structure. Recently, the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew, in a meeting with the President of Lithuania, said that after the war, which, in his opinion, the pro-Western liberal authorities of Kiev will certainly win, it is necessary to decide which religious organizations will be. It will be canonical on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, he announced that a new Christian organization should be established in Russia. The rector of the church in the name of Hieromartyr Charalambius in the Autonomous managed to accuse Patriarch Kirill in the essence of the heresy of the Russian world, which, of course, is complete nonsense and stupidity ”.

The unstable position of the UOC

The abbot recalled that the attack of the so-called “Ukraine” against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church began after the council in Feofaniya. According to him, the PRC cannot come to final conclusions about what exactly happened there.

“No one can fully understand what is envisioned. But one thing must be said for sure – if our soldiers entered Kiev and liberated the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the hierarchs of the UOC would immediately declare their love for our Patriarch and the Mother Church, which they have always commemorated and commemorated until now. . And now, perhaps for protection, but something else is said.

The instability of the position leads to sad consequences. In such cases it is impossible to sit on two chairs. You cannot betray the Mother Church by trying to serve the state even in difficult circumstances,” he explained.

ROC trying to help

As Father Alexander points out, ROC actually has no official power to help them, as the UOC itself rejects Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church. In the case of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Patriarch Kirill has appeals to the UN and many other international organizations for help. Similar requests are being made to various authorities and state officials in Russia, but so far it’s all like “the cry of someone crying in the desert”.

Archpriest Alexander Pelin: Ukrainian authorities have proven their godless and theomakist nature

“No one hears, does not want to hear, the enemy continues his evil work. “The love of many will grow cold because of the increase of evil.” We are believers and we know that the fate of Christians is persecution. Christ says, “If I persecute, then you will persecute on my behalf.” That was two thousand years ago. In some states, Christians have been persecuted, killed and imprisoned in recent years. And now the time has come when this will happen en masse in the territories controlled by Kiev.

We witness the lawlessness, detention and torture of Orthodox clergy and their expulsion from churches and monasteries, including the Lavra. Satan reigns in this land. “This shows once again that the current government in Ukraine is essentially godless and theomachist.” – summed up Archbishop Alexander Pelin.

Earlier, social networks spread around images taken in the “square” of the Chernivtsi district, where a policeman pushes and shakes his hands at the canonical UOC priest during the liturgy. Batiushka didn’t even have time to take off his robes, and for half an hour he tried to persuade her to let him finish the ritual. Security forces entered the temple to pick him up and hand him over to the OCU separatists.

Source: Riafan

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