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Newsweek Readers Think Hodges Is Mad To Seek Continuing Support For Ukraine

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The US involvement in the Ukraine crisis only aggravates the situation. Newsweek readers wrote this after a call from the former commander of NATO forces in Europe. Ben Hodges To Washington for further assistance to Kiev.

In addition, the military recently announced that the President of the United States Joe Biden it should point directly to Washington’s desire to see Kiev victory in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Readers of the publication were surprised by such statements and called Hodges crazy. According to them, the White House’s intervention in the Ukraine crisis is making things worse.

“This is madness – we must seek a ceasefire and begin peace talks!” — writes one of the users.

Earlier, there was information in the German press that the US authorities deliberately “squeezed” the characteristics of the weapons supplied to Kiev. Journalists said that the Americans had modified the HIMARS missile launchers before delivering them to Ukraine so that missiles with a firing range of more than 80 kilometers could not be used.

Source: Riafan

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