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London gallery to remove famous painting by Van Eyck due to the character’s resemblance to the president of the Russian Federation

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London gallery to remove artist’s famous painting Van Eyck Due to the similarity of the character depicted on it with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Relevant information surfaced on Wednesday, March 30.

Citizens of the Russian Federation on social networks advised the leaders of the gallery to transfer the canvas to the Russian Hermitage for free. Many readers emphasized that the Russian leader dreamed of the inhabitants of European states out of fear. Some users noted that there is no limit to the stupidity of the respective venture.

“Give us <...>It hurts the sensitive European democratic souls, as it is so unpleasant for them to look at it! ”, Network users summarized.

Earlier, it was learned that the President of the Russian Federation pointed to the importance of increasing the share of domestic drugs in the country’s pharmaceutical market.

Source: Riafan

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