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Sophia Rizou: Greek streamer who lives (also) from OnlyFans

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If you could make a lot of money the easy way, would you try OnlyFans? If so, then you should get to know Sophia Rizou. Sophia, by name and without hesitation, told the 24MEDIA Lab camera about how she made this decision, how her family met her, where and how she sets her boundaries. And also about how much she earns, what she was offered, how she fights leaks (free content leak), although how much she received debauchery and if he thinks he does sex work.

Sophia Rizou introduces herself as a streamer and content creator.

“I am a streamer, I do a lot of live broadcasts, I do business through Instagram. I am usually referred to as “influencer”, although I do not know if this term is suitable for me. I also work nightly at the club as an administrator, but I also work as a content creator at OnlyFans” Sophia Rizou announces when she introduces herself. What exactly does all this mean?

The OnlyFans Phenomenon

What Only fans is a subscription-based content creation and viewing platform suitable for adults only. It is used by models, artists, chefs, trainers, or any professional who offers online services to someone who is willing to pay a usually monthly subscription.

70% of the content uploaded on OnlyFans is nude or erotic photos or videos. That is why the platform was primarily associated with the porn industry.

It is worth noting that during the COVID-19 pandemic, when production was necessarily “frozen”, the number of content creators (and subscribers) on OnlyFans increased five times.

The Beginning of Sofia Rizzo on OnlyFans

But how did Sofia make the decision to create content for this particular platform? She replies with disarming honesty that the simplicity of this thing was the most enticing part that made her try it.

After all, even her mother knew about the existence of an easy way to earn money. As she usually states:

“I didn’t even tell her about it. I said, “Mom, there is an easy way to make money,” and she was like, “Yes, I know, OnlyFans. He already knew.”

I saw that they make a lot of money and I wanted to too. I asked the girls I know who have had such a page for a long time, and said that I would do the same. I took a deep breath, pressed the button, uploaded the photo and wait. I remember updating my mobile every ten minutes, every half hour, and the money grew and I was in the “Wow” phase.

Sometimes I think, “Oh, what did I do,” and then “Wow.”

“I do it because I want to”

But what does she say to those who scold her, and does she finally think about having sex?

“I do it because I want to. So for now, whoever offers money, houses, cars in the sky with stars, I would never do it.

I think that all girls, like me, accept sluhming, whether it’s in a photo on instagram, or in my stream, or in direct.

Usually no one does it up close. But I do not care. I pass by without bothering. i laugh at it.

Sex. I don’t know if it can be called. Some content creators may see it that way, while others may take offense. Take it personally, take it how you want. I do not mind. You won’t insult me” .

See what Sophia Rizu said in the next 24MEDIA Lab video:

Would you create an account on OnlyFans


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