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The police who came to the wrong address in the USA shot and killed the owner of the house.

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Santa Fe, April 18. A resident of Farmington, New Mexico, was shot dead in his home by police officers after police got the wrong address on the next search.

According to local media, on the evening of April 5, the 911 service received a report of domestic violence. The officers who came upon the call knocked on the door of the house where the incident took place, according to them.

The New Mexico Police Department released security footage showing police stabbing a homeowner to death after searching the wrong home.

In a video released by the Farmington Police Department, police officers are seen approaching the front door of a house whose number is illuminated by a light bulb. The guards knock on the door three times and introduce themselves as police. After that, one of them asks the dispatcher to verify the address and tell the 911 caller to go to the front door. In the message, the dispatcher called the number of the house across the road, whereupon the officers realized the mistake and started to walk away from the door.

The police who came to the wrong address in the USA shot and killed the owner of the house.

A minute later, the gunman opened the door and the police fired several shots, killing the man on the spot.

The police, who said that the owner’s wife was also armed, opened fire on the employees without knowing who was outside. As a result, a conflict broke out in which no one was injured.

As men and women in the Farmington Police Department, we are all aware of the seriousness of this incident. “We will do everything we can to provide a better understanding of what happened,” the Farmington Police Department chief said in a statement. Steve Hebbe.

The investigation into the circumstances of the incident is currently ongoing. Three employees involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave.

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