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Top Shiite priest killed in Iran

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A close friend of the republic’s supreme leader was shot while visiting a bank.

Iran’s top cleric, Ayatollah, killed Abbas Ali Soleimani.

He was shot and killed by an unidentified person while visiting a bank in the town of Babolser, Mazandaran province. The reasons for what happened are not entirely clear. The media refers to various versions, including the possibility of a personal conflict.

According to some reports, the murderer was a bank employee. This is indirectly confirmed by the recordings of security cameras: a man in certain clothing, armed with a machine gun, walks down the corridor without causing reaction from others. At a certain moment, he approaches the calmly seated priestess and fires several shots at close range for no apparent reason.

At the same time, many questions arise from the timid and inadequate behavior of others. Witnesses of the incident, including a man in a military uniform, are trying to take the heavy machine gun from the shooter. When they succeed, they release the criminal for some reason and the criminal slowly leaves the building.

According to local sources, the killer has already been arrested. Regarding the incident, the President of Iran head of abraham He expressed his condolences for the death of Ali Soleimani and called for the reasons for the incident to be clarified as soon as possible.

Abbas Ali Soleimani was the former personal representative of the Supreme Leader of the Republic, the Ayatollah. Ali Khamenei in the provinces of Sistan and Balochistan. Also, the clergyman was a member of the Assembly of Experts, which elected the head of state.

It is worth noting that a similar event took place a year ago. Two clergymen were killed and one injured in the terrorist attack in Mashhad.

Source: Riafan

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