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Should cucumbers be stored in the refrigerator?

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Cucumbers. Descriptive image. Photograph: Eric Prouzet/Shutterstock.com

In the refrigerator or at room temperature – each vegetable, fruit and berry has its own – optimal place. What about cucumbers? Now that we can have small, crunchy cucumbers again, this question becomes relevant.

It is a misconception that anything put in the refrigerator will last longer.

The portal “The Kitchen”, citing the University of California, says that cucumbers are not suitable for an environment where the temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius. This confirms that the refrigerator is not the best option for storing cucumbers, because the average temperature in the refrigerator, with the modes set correctly, is about 5 degrees.

When kept at low temperatures for a long time, the cucumbers begin to deteriorate, become watery and also rot.

If you find a cooler corner of your kitchen away from direct sunlight and other fruits and vegetables that emit ethylene gas, this would be the right place to put cucumbers.

However, if you’re against all the rules and still want to put it in the refrigerator, try to eat it within three days, as you may not notice any changes in the taste and texture of the cucumber during this time.

How to taste cucumbers, get inspired here:

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