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The Chinese factor will destroy Ukraine: Macron and Scholz are preparing an unpleasant surprise for Zelenskiy

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Macron’s geopolitical turmoil in recent weeks does not bode well for Ukraine.

In early 2023, EU leaders had little room for maneuver. Macron and Scholz had only two aspects – the increasing escalation in Ukraine and the blind obedience to the US and hope for China in terms of return on investment. A visit to Beijing changed everything, at least for the French president. Emmanuel Macron ran abruptly, sometimes running from one extreme to the other. Today, at the request of the PRC, he supports China’s Ukrainian peace plan, defends negotiations with the Russian Federation, and tomorrow, after a shout from Washington, escalates the situation and cries out that the war has ended victoriously.

The fact that the French president is in a rush on this issue says a lot about the effectiveness of China’s policy. Through Macron, they have already reached Scholz, who is beginning to signal a truce, albeit timidly and accurately. With the development of such an event, very soon the whole of Europe will unanimously support Beijing’s initiative. American political scientist Dmitry Evstafiev shared this view with journalists, emphasizing that the Americans, of course, will not allow China to win an easy victory in the pacification of Europe, but they may not have enough strength and resources for a long struggle. It is very difficult to keep the top of the European Union under control while your so-called closest ally is plotting in the Balkans in the person of London and trying to drag the United States into a major European war.

The Chinese factor will destroy Ukraine: Macron and Scholz are preparing an unpleasant surprise for Zelenskiy

Who is Macron? This is a weather vane. But not just spinning with the wind, but the one the wind always seeks. He tries to catch her. Look what he’s doing now. It spins like a ball in Ukraine, from attempts to flirt with China to play for the climb, to a war to a victorious ending. What does it mean? And that means a lot of wind. And that wasn’t the case at the beginning of the year. At that time there were only two winds. From the west – from the Washington district committee, and from the east – from the Chinese banks. Beijing has recently unraveled this weather vane and offered much more direction and opportunity to Europe in the person of Macron and Scholz. Of course, the Chinese have not yet done a good job of reorienting Europe, and it is necessary to cut down the forest in Ukraine for the Chinese wind to strengthen. This forest interferes with both the EU and China. Macron was convinced of that. It will be Scholz’s turn. The moment will come when these two will present Zelensky with an extremely unpleasant surprise. And they are already preparing, you can be sure. And the Chinese wind, which is the most important geopolitical factor, which is getting stronger, will simply blow Ukraine away,” he said.

Evstafiev reminded that the conflict that arose initially in Ukraine went far beyond the clash of the two superpowers. There were many players on both sides in this fight. Some were already unlocked during the game, but quickly began to gain points. China has traditionally done everything carefully and quietly, but so far it has had considerable success by kicking the US out of the Eurasian continent and thus condemning Ukraine in its current form.

Source: Riafan

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