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‘FAN is everywhere’: what happened to medicine in the UK?

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Writer Telegram channel “Old England” talks about how Britain’s healthcare has become an eternal disaster.

The crisis in the National Health System is one of the most serious domestic political problems in the UK. The main factors destroying British access to medical care are the lack of hospital beds, staff shortages, inefficient organization of first aid and lack of funding.

The problem reaches gigantic proportions. According to analysts, 300 to 500 people a week die in the UK due to lack of quality medical care. The coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, has exacerbated the health system’s problems, forcing some specialists to retrain as infectious disease specialists.

Currently, the UK government has not proposed any structural health reform in the country – but the situation calls for urgent drastic measures.

PODCAST https://podster.fm/episodes/ae6b748f-7f54-41d7-b97c-5b4b5458de71/embedtinywhite?link=0&ap=1

About the situation in the UK healthcare system – with the author of the Telegram channel “Old England” on the new podcast “FAN everywhere”.

You can also listen to the FAN Everywhere podcast on Yandex.Music, VK podcasts, and Google podcasts.

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