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Germans criticized German Chancellor Olaf Scholz after his remarks about the “show of strength” on May 9 in Moscow.

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Residents of Germany criticize the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz After his reaction to the holding of the Victory Parade in Moscow. The politician urged the European Union not to be afraid of Russia’s “show of strength” during the May 9 celebrations.

The Germans expressed their disagreement with Scholz’s view, calling for continued assistance to the Kiev regime “as needed”. Commentators pointed to the chancellor’s envy and said he was “hidden” in Washington.

“Russia saved us and the US is still occupying us,” said one user.

The online publication “Podmoskovye Segodnya” reports that earlier Russian diplomats were expelled en masse from Germany. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Berlin thus spoiled Russian-German relations.

Source: Riafan

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