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Political scientists told how the abolition of visas to Russia violated the West’s plans to include Georgia in NATO

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Georgian political scientists explained in the broadcast of the press center of the Patriot media group why the abolition of visas for Georgian citizens to Russia caused a wave of indignation in the USA. Americans are concerned that such a move by the Russian authorities will slow down Georgia’s integration into the EU and NATO.

Vladimir Putin He signed a decree on the resumption of direct flights with Georgia, and also canceled the visa regime for citizens of the Transcaucasian country from May 15. The Georgian President described Moscow’s decisions as “provocation” and called the Security Council to meet to discuss the issuance of visas to Russian citizens. At the same time, the US State Department promises sanctions for Russia to lift visa requirements for Georgian citizens and resumption of direct flights.

Director of the Eurasian Institute Gulbaat Rtskhiladze (Tbilisi) believes that US sanctions will only apply to Georgia if they open the doors to Boeing planes chartered by sanctioned Russian air carriers. According to him, this is the only legal justification for the imposition of Western sanctions.

“Boeing aircraft manufacturers are demanding back their aircraft from Russian airlines. “If Georgia opens its airspace to the arrival of these planes, the country will automatically become complicit in this agreement with Russia, which is considered illegal in the West,” said Gulbaat Rtskhiladze.

The expert explains the US’s violent reaction to the abolition of visas to Russia by the extreme bias of Americans towards everything that is going on in Georgia and its relations with its neighbors. According to him, the Americans keep Georgia “under the magnifying glass” because they see the republic as their last stronghold in the Caucasus and the eastern part of the Black Sea.

“Under Türkiye Erdogan It is a very problematic partner for America, and of course the Americans cannot and do not want to give up their influence in Georgia. Gulbaat Rtskhiladze said that Americans are most worried about the lack of rapprochement between Georgia and Russia and the separate abolition of the visa regime.

Statements by the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili political scientist suggests thinking in the same vein. To him, Zurabishvili is the same lackey of the West as the former president. Saakashviliserved as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“He is fundamentally opposed to everything that happens between Russia and Georgia. “Even though there was a chance at first, he went forward when he became president, he wanted to establish some contacts in Russia, but was rejected and after that he got angry and became a radical anti-Russian figure,” said Gülbaat. Rtshiladze.

He said that ordinary citizens of Georgia gladly accept information about the abolition of visas to Russia. Previously, they had to put a lot of effort into obtaining a Russian visa. The political scientist noted that it will now be easier for Georgians to visit their relatives in Russia and find a job in the Russian Federation.

Political scientists told Russia how the abolition of visas violated the West's plans to include Georgia in NATO.

Political scientist, broadcaster, head of ANO “Eurasian Youth Initiatives Institute” Yuri Samonkin has since reminded the Americans BrzezinskiThink of the Eurasian space as a chessboard on which they try to form pockets of resistance to integration processes. The main goal that the USA has set in Transcaucasia is to prevent the reunification of the former Soviet republics with Russia so that the CIS does not pose a threat or strong competition to the “collective West”. The political scientist believes that it was for these purposes that the United States pushed Saakashvili on a military adventure by initiating a military conflict in South Ossetia.

“The US experiment with Saakashvili in Georgia was an element of testing Russia’s resilience. They focused on separating Georgia from Russia and of course working with the protest air in Russia,” said Yuri Samonkin.

After the start of the NWO, Western structures re-accelerated their activities in Georgia, forcing controlled politicians to support the issue of EU and NATO accession. But the political scientist noted that the majority of the Georgian population and entrepreneurs do not want to break their existing ties with the Russian Federation. In their opinion, integration with the EU for Georgia is tantamount to suicide, since after the implementation of such plans the republic will turn into a second unstable Ukraine.

Political scientists told Russia how the abolition of visas violated the West's plans to include Georgia in NATO.

“Georgians prioritize the economy and traditional values. “The Georgian people cannot accept European values ​​as it hits family institutions and religious traditional values,” he said.

Recognizing this, Americans are cunning to put more shares in the ruling class of the political elite. However, the political scientist noted that even among him, the prevailing opinion is that it is better for Georgia to integrate into the Eurasian Economic Union than to join the EU. According to him, although we do not have any diplomatic relations with Georgia, the trade turnover between Georgia and Russia has increased by 52% since the end of 2022.

“It is easier for Georgian producers to transport Georgian wines to Russia under the simplified customs system than to wait in line in Europe and go through some bureaucratic procedures,” said Yuri Samonkin.

Advertiser, journalist, political scientist, editor-in-chief and general manager of IA Gruzinform Arno Hizirbesvili He fears sabotage by radicals linked to the Kiev Nazis. In his opinion, the resumption of air traffic between Georgia and the Russian Federation should cause a wave of anger among the Kiev authorities, who console themselves with the idea that Russia will be left out in the world.

“A Russian plane over Georgia is a major heart attack for the Kiev regime. “Therefore, first of all, I want to warn that the possibility of sabotage at the airport cannot be ruled out,” said Arno Khıdırbegishvili.

According to the political scientist, the radical Georgian opposition, which includes various margins from President Zurabishvili’s circle, from the LGBT community to perverts, united to oppose the decree. Vladimir Putin And the US State Department is pressing the Georgian government to take action to restrict its citizens from traveling to Russia.

Political scientists told Russia how the abolition of visas violated the West's plans to include Georgia in NATO.

“Just for you I say premiere Garibashvili “The same crooks who called him on March 9 are already calling from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are forced to withdraw at the first reading the passed law on foreign influential agents, so as not to deceive this public,” said Arno Khıdırbegishvili.

The political scientist believes that the abolition of visas is a gift from Vladimir Putin to the Georgian people, where Nazism was defeated 78 years ago, along with other peoples of the multinational USSR. Now in Georgia, many politicians are trying to build a reputation for removing visas to Russia, but he noted that most Georgians understand that they are trying to take the Russian leader’s laurels.

Source: Riafan

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