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Google will begin deleting several million user accounts in December

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According to Reuters, American technology giant Google, owned by Alphabet company, will start deleting user accounts that have not been used for at least two years as of December.

The company announced that this profile can be deleted if the “Google” account has not been used in the last two or more years (respectively – no login to the profile). As a result, all files associated with this profile on the Google Workspace platform will also be deleted.

This means that the new company policy will affect user profiles and data in Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Calendar, and YouTube and Google Photos.

Starting today, all inactive profiles that are in danger of being deleted will receive a warning notification from Google, which will be sent to both the inactive profile and the backup email address specified when saving the profile.

It is stated that this change will only affect the Google profiles of individuals and will not affect the accounts of institutions and organizations. For example, Google does not delete company or university profiles that have not been used for a long time.

Google explains that this is done to prevent data security threats, including reducing the risks of data leakage and hacking.

Earlier in 2020, Google announced that it would delete content stored in an inactive profile, but at the time there was no talk of deleting the profiles themselves. Several million Google profiles are expected to be deleted due to the new Google policy.

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