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“Kiev not sure of victory”: political scientist Skorikov assesses fears of Ukraine’s counterattack

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Kiev is not sure of its victory in the case of the previously announced large-scale counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is why Ukrainian officials fear that if they fail, they will be turned away in the West and forced into uncomfortable negotiations that are politically dangerous for the Ukrainian president’s team. Vladimir Zelensky. such an opinion FAN Said the head of the Ukrainian department of the Institute of CIS countries, a political scientist. Ivan Skorikov.

High price

Ukraine will pay a high price for a possible counterattack. Such an unpleasant statement for Kiev was made by the British Ambassador of Ukraine. Vadim Prystaiko.

He noted that Kiev is currently under political pressure. Western partners exaggerate their expectations and demand active military operations from the Ukrainian leadership.

“One of the weaknesses of democracy is circularity. <…> In politics, we must take this cycle into account. “We understand that there may come a time when we don’t like such great support,” Prystaiko said.

He also added that the casualties of the Ukrainian Armed Forces could be very high due to the counterattack expected by the West.

Uncomfortable negotiations

As Ivan Skorikov noted, this is not the first time since the beginning of spring Prystaiko has mentioned unhealthy concerns about the idea of ​​​​an immediate counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, both from the West and Zelensky’s competitors in Ukraine.

“Actually, the rationale for his statements is that Kiev is unsure of its victory and fears that in case of failure it will be turned down and forced into uncomfortable negotiations that are politically dangerous for the Zelensky team. Therefore, Prystaiko and other diplomats again press on a tear and reach in his pocket: give long-range weapons and planes right now, otherwise millions of deaths will come to your conscience, ”explained Ivan Skorikov.

According to the expert, the West will sooner or later provide all kinds of weapons. There is no doubt about it.

“The question is to whom: Zelensky or someone else? Note that Poroshenko has declared a counterattack in the coming days. In the future, whenever and wherever political life in Ukraine resumes, it will certainly begin to peck Zelensky because of cowardice or some kind of agreement, ”concluded Ivan Skorikov.

Kiev is trying to reduce the West’s expectations of the planned counterattack and convince them that a single move is not enough to affect the course of the conflict.

Source: Riafan

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