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How G7 leaders discussed preventing another world war in Hiroshima

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“The more we work together, the less likely it is that someone will follow Russia’s crazy path. But will it be enough?” He called for more democratic leadership in the world on his Twitter account on Sunday. Wrote President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi. At the summit held in the highly symbolic city of Hiroshima for Japan, the G7 leaders sought to demonstrate that they can work together to both support Ukraine and prevent other potential conflicts and global crises.

Last weekend’s summit was organized by Japan, which chose the highly symbolic Hiroshima as its venue – a place that was nearly wiped out by the US atomic bomb in 1945 and left deep scars in the consciousness of both Japan and the world. world about the destruction of atomic war. It’s also the hometown of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and highlights one of Japan’s still top foreign policy priorities: encouraging world leaders to take nuclear disarmament more seriously. This is gaining importance again, especially in light of nuclear threats from Russia and North Korea, as well as the rise of China’s military power.

The country’s leaders went to the memorial for the victims of the Hiroshima nuclear explosion on Friday, and they all agreed that their main task is to prevent a new world war. Therefore, the main topics on the summit agenda were support for Ukraine and the introduction of new sanctions against the Russian war machine and the deterrence of Chinese aggression in the Pacific region.

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