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Mask company ‘Neuralink’ announces permission to test brain chips on humans

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Billionaire Elon Musk’s company “Neuralink” announced on Thursday that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green light to first human trials, the BBC reported.

A neurotechnology company is developing implants that it hopes will help paralyzed people regain their ability to move and blind people regain their sight. Microchips can also help certain types of barriers use mobile technology by interpreting brain signals and transmitting them to devices.

Neuralink, another Musk-owned company, said in a statement on Twitter, calling it “an important first step towards helping many people someday with our technology.”

“Neuralink” states that the search for trial participants in the US has not yet begun.

The FDA has yet to comment.

Musk has so far failed to start human trials of the chip. Citing former and current Neuralink employees, Reuters reported in March that the FDA had rejected Neuralink’s application because of safety concerns.

So far, “Neuralink” microchips have been tested on monkeys.

Experts say the chips will only be freely available on the market if “Neuralink” manages to solve a number of technical and ethical issues and requires careful trials to ensure their effectiveness.

Founded in 2016, the company has not been able to reach the set targets on time. “Neuralink” originally planned to begin human trials in 2020, but later shifted that timeline to 2022. Last December, an investigation was launched against the company for animal cruelty.

Shortly before the FDA announced that it had cleared human trials, news broke of the success of a brain implant developed by a Swiss company in the Netherlands to help a paralyzed man walk again.

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