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Horoscope May 26, discover what the stars have in store for you

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest of this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s horoscope for May 26, sign by sign.


Sun, Mars and Pluto still support you and give you vivacity and protagonists. Venus is a little grumpy in love if she is born in the second decade: you will have to move more smoothly to your lover. A bit boring at the office today.


Mars and Pluto frown, but instead Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are allies. Moon and Venus give you excellent love impulses, including erotic ones. The Moon and Uranus also make you hardworking and pragmatic in the office.


Moon is a bit negative but Mercury, Pluto and Uranus support you today. Pluto and Venus are beautiful in love as well as the Sun, Mars and Mercury but also Jupiter. You are feisty in the office and don’t give up in front of anyone or anything.


Venus and Jupiter but also the Moon give you a lot of satisfaction today. Venus in particular appears to be a star in love on this day. Those born in the first and second decans can count on Uranus, Mercury, and Jupiter at work.


Mars and the Sun kiss you in the troubles of Uranus, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter, the latter remaining sulkingly in love despite the positivity of the Sun and Mars. New challenges to face in the office today, with the sun as your ally.


The moon makes you very empathetic, but the sun is hostile when it comes to privacy. Luna is very beautiful and delights you with a remarkable desire for tenderness in love. Jupiter is very well placed and will help you overcome a number of work obstacles.


Pluto gives you a perfect physical shape if you are born in September. Sun makes you airy and brilliant, just like Mars. Moon and Venus will give you a clear picture of how to act in love today if you were born in October, with Pluto, Mars and the Sun giving you security. Luna prefers you at work, especially if you are part of the communication field.


Good time for family life thanks to the moon, but Mercury, Pluto and Mars are all discordant. Those born between October 23 and October 30 will face some serious emotional restructuring due to Saturn and Venus. Luna ensures that your jobs are carried out efficiently.


Pluto and Mars are your paladins, contrasting the dissonant Moon and Sun. Pluto makes you fall in love rationally and logically, while the Moon is a bit against it. Jupiter helps you to be cozy in the workplace.


Saturn, Uranus and Mars are very harmonious, even though Venus is discordant in love. Fortunately, the Moon cheers you up in this friend and, along with Jupiter and Uranus, brings you a remarkable work week closure.


Luna is a little negative today, but this does not undermine family stability. If you’re single, Sun and Pluto will be potential allies today. At work you bring the different skills together in a team.


Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are next to you, despite the dissonance of the sun and moon. Venus and Jupiter create happy couple moments despite the ill-disposed sun. Moon, Jupiter and Uranus give you excellent work skills if you were born in the first decade.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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