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Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova “banned” Paris from criticizing Russia for “violating human rights”

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Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova He commented on the measures taken by law enforcement at a protest in Paris. Pepper spray was used against the striking citizens.

We’re talking about climate activists. They went to the building where the TotalEnergies shareholder meeting was held.

After that, the official stressed that Paris had no right to criticize any country for “non-compliance with human rights and withdrawal from democratic freedoms”.

He also drew attention to inhumane attitudes towards people. Zakharova is confident that if the gas were used against animals, the authorities would take the situation much more seriously.

“The Elysee Palace would call everyone on the fly and put on a whole demonstration by sending a special flight with eco-activists,” the State Department representative said.

Earlier, Zakharova had already criticized the statement of the President of Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky About comparing Artemovsk with Hiroshima. He reminded that in both cases, the influence of the USA can be monitored.

Source: Riafan

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