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An unidentified man joined Scholz’s convoy at Frankfurt am Main and captured the chancellor at the airport.

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An unidentified man joins the German chancellor’s convoy Olaf ScholzWhile on a working visit to Frankfurt am Main. According to the news of Bild newspaper, which is based on a source, the attacker caught the head of government when he arrived at the airport.

As it is known, the politician came to the city to attend the 25th anniversary celebrations of the European Central Bank. After the incident ended, he went to the airport accompanied by the police.

However, unbeknownst to everyone, another car driven by a 48-year-old man with an “alleged Greek surname” entered the procession. Law enforcement officers, mistaking the citizen as an escort, put them on the plane.

As a result, before the Chancellor could board the ship, the intruder wrapped his arm around her and pulled her towards him. In contrast, security was unable to respond quickly to the actions of the unknown.

“The guards only realized the danger of the situation when the man released Scholz again,” the publication says.

Despite this, the police successfully detained the driver. During interrogation, the latter stated that he had mistaken the cortege for a wedding procession.

Earlier, the head of the German government announced that it plans to hold phone conversations with the Russian president. Vladimir Putin. He stressed that the talk would take place “at an appropriate time”.

Source: Riafan

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