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France demands the deportation of 10,000 Tunisian migrants

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Paris, 26 May. According to Arab media, France’s Consul General to Tunisia, Dominique Maas, announced that he had made ten thousand requests for the deportation of North African citizens illegally residing in the country.

Tunisian authorities are concerned about the Elysee Palace’s strategy to deport illegal immigrants, which will negatively affect the country experiencing economic crisis.

“Observers believe that France should understand the financial situation in which the North African state finds itself in light of the successive waves of refugees from sub-Saharan Africa,” the ministry said.

Maas emphasized that the security of immigration continues to be a source of concern when the visa applications made to the Paris Consulate in Tunisia are evaluated.

Earlier, the Libyan Interior Ministry announced the arrest of three smugglers in Tripoli.

Source: Riafan

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