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LTV and Latvian Radio will receive 684,433 euros to provide coverage of the war in Ukraine

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TV tower. Photograph: Paula Churkste/LETA

It is planned to allocate 684,433 euros to the Public Electronic Media Council (SEPLP) to cover the costs of creating and distributing additional content in public electronic media and ensuring information security in connection with the war caused by Russia in Ukraine. space in 2023

Of these, 529 thousand 695 euros are planned to be allocated to Latvian Television (LTV), and 154 thousand 738 euros to Latvian Radio.

Funds are expected to be allocated from the “Funds for unforeseen circumstances” budget program.

According to the operational financial report data, as stated in the draft instruction note, for the period January-April 2023 LTV has already set aside 141,289 euros to cover the events of the armed conflict in Ukraine, while Radio Latvia has allocated 29,226 euros. until April.

It has already been announced that the MoC will seek an opportunity to raise additional funding to the public media to cover the war in Ukraine.

It has also been reported that LTV and Latvijas Radio are planning to allocate 994,839 euros in 2023 to mitigate the negative impact of the extraordinary increase in energy resource prices.

According to the draft instruction prepared by the Ministry of Finance on the TAP portal, 143,969 euros will be allocated to Latvian Radio and 850,870 euros to LTV.

In the note to the draft order, the anticipated increase in payments for energy resources by LTV and Latvijas Radio in 2023, compared to 2021, is €632,318, or 194% for heating and €362,521, or 120%, of which 72% for electricity. is stated.

The financing of 994,839 Euros required for 2023 will be provided by the budget department of the “Financing to be redistributed in the 74th annual state budget implementation process” program “Financing for the compensation of the increase in energy resources and food expenses”.

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Source: Tv Net

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