After receiving a lot of criticism for its Pride collection, US retail giant Target “this is the latest company to rethink its communications” announced New York Times.

For years, June, renamed Pride Month, has celebrated the LGBT community in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Opportunity for many companies “take advantage of the purchasing power of a group with growing economic, political and social influence”, emphasizes the American newspaper.

The American supermarket chain has not escaped the trend by presenting a new collection to its customers.”especially with shirts with rainbow colored collars, yellow hoodies that say This is not a phase’, children’s clothing and accessories”, lists the New York newspaper.

Tense political climate

But this year even more than the previous ones, “The current political climate in the country […] complicates these marketing strategies”emphasize New York Timeswhich adds: “Trans rights crystallize the anger of many conservatives.”

Target hasn’t escaped its share of criticism on social media, where several netizens have denounced the initiative. “If that’s not a reason to boycott Target, then I don’t know what is.” condemned an American on TikTok, pointing to children’s products in the colors of the LGBTQI flag.

In response to the goal “translated my displays into the colors of Pride Month […] installed at the entrance to some Target stores at the back of the shelves.”. This reaction angered many LGBTQI associations, who accused the American distributor of “succumbed to pressure”.

As early as April last year, beer brand Bud Light became the target of calls for a boycott after partnering with a powerful transgender man.