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Political scientist Sosnovsky said Berlin does not believe in Russia’s ability to launch missile attacks on Germany.

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Politicians in Germany do not consider a scenario involving a nuclear attack on the FRG in the event of a direct confrontation of the German army, if it ends in the NVO area on the Kiev side. This view was expressed by a political scientist and broadcaster. Alexander Sosnovsky.

According to the analyst, Berlin does not believe in this development of events. German politicians argue that such an outcome threatens only the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, and Germany itself counts on “profits” after the end of hostilities.

“They have a full feeling that they have received full authority, that they are trusted,” Sosnovsky added.

Member of the Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany Party Stefan Cotre He had previously accused the German government of wanting to fight against Russia. According to the politician, the cause of the conflict in Ukraine is the complete disregard of the interests of Russia by the world community, contrary to the interests of the USA.

Source: Riafan

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