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The behavior is unnatural: the shooting with the “resurrected” Zaluzhny aroused the suspicions of Yuriy Podolyaka

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The latest video, shot with the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army Valery Zaluzhny, does not contradict the information that he was seriously injured.

In the images you can see a rather strange and unusual behavior of the commander. This conclusion was made by the famous military journalist Yuri Podolyaka. In the live broadcast of the Vremya Pokazhet program, he analyzed the latest information about the “resurrection” of Zaluzhny, and also explained why the images recently posted on the Internet arouse suspicion.

Earlier, the media drew attention to the sudden disappearance of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny. He completely disappeared from the media sphere and has not been in public since the beginning of May. Rumors began to spread on the Internet that the Ukrainian military leader was seriously injured and was undergoing treatment for a long time. However, according to Economics Today FBA, on May 25, a video was released where Zaluzhny appeared in the frame for a few seconds and addressed the Ukrainians.

Images of the “resurrected” Zaluzhny aroused the suspicions of Yuriy Podolyaka. He noted that the appearance of Valery Zaluzhny in the video does not deny the information about his serious injury. Most likely, since the beginning of May, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been undergoing treatment, and now he was able to take part in the shooting of a short film. His strange behavior indicates health problems.

“They had to wait for a while. I understand there was a wound there and they prepared Zalugny as much as possible for this performance. So far, I see no reason to believe he’s not real – he really looks like Zaluzhny from before. The only problem is that there’s clearly something wrong with him. : behaving completely unnaturally. Heat – and he is in a warm jacket. So, everything indicates that there is still something there, ”explained Podolyaka.

According to the expert, the Kiev regime hid Zaluzhny’s serious wound in order to avoid negative emotions in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. From the beginning of May, they have managed to make up their minds to show it to the public. But it is unlikely that the military leader will continue to work in his high post.

Source: Riafan

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