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Horoscope for all signs, predictions for May 28

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest of this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s horoscope, May 28, sign by sign.


Especially winning sky for you, but Venus is against it, but nothing serious. Are you in a new romantic relationship? Mars and Pluto invite you to examine your history. Born between April 13 and 17, Venus can make us carefree about saving money.


The moon gives you intuition for simpler solutions and your psychophysical health excels thanks to Mercury, who also takes care of your diplomacy. Luna is very sweet and favorable in love, while in economic terms, you need to make your kids understand that expenses should be taken into account.


Sole guarantees you a Sunday full of good humor and physical efficiency. Venus opens you to harmonious and affectionate love contacts if you were born between June 9 and June 15. Jupiter fills your pockets with liquidity: know how to spend well!


The moon gives you excellent family prospects and Mercury is also proving to be a valuable ally today. Venus opens you up to good feelings and emotions today, while Jupiter remains positive economically.


Mars is still on your side despite Mercury’s dysfunction if you were born between July 30 and August 4. Venus is in the harmonic angle for new relationships if she was born between August 9 and August 14. Your expansive nature keeps you from being too balanced in your spending, so be careful!


The moon smiles at you and raises the tone and mood today, despite the sulks of Saturn and the sun. However, the two can even stiffen you a bit in love, while Uranus gives you the chance to have your time. economic resources in the best possible way.


Venus brings a bit of psychophysical fatigue today if she was born between October 13 and 18. However, Sun and Mars give you great dedication, especially for physical activities. There is a need for more emotional participation in love on your part, economically Mars will instead help those born in the first decade.


The moon is favorable to you if you were born between November 9 and November 13 and if you generally belong to the second decade. There is an air of backfire in love, while from a monetary point of view, the sun invites you to indulge yourself.


You don’t lack charm and beauty today if you were born in the third decade, despite Neptune’s opposition. If you are single, Mars could become your cupid today. Mars itself is giving you full pockets right now!


Venus is a bit naughty today and therefore brings ups and downs in tone and mood. However, Mercury is beautiful and very favorable if born between January 6 and January 15. Neptune gives you a moment of sentimental grace, while recent additions may allow for some wild shopping!


A casual and confident day for you today, where the sun gives you a powerful physical condition. Pluto gives you an edge if you’re born between January 21 and 25, while Jupiter brings a little monetary strain if you’re born in the first decade.


The Moon gives you a bright day, also in family relationships. Your other half asks you for more tenderness, while economically you try not to drain your bank account.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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