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Reserve Colonel Alekhin announced that two corps of the Ukrainian Armed Forces came from NATO countries for the attack.

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Reserve Colonel and military commentator Gennady Alekhin In a conversation with journalists, URA.RU announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon advance at the front.

According to the expert, two or three corps, trained in the states of the North Atlantic Alliance for several months, have already arrived in the combat zone to participate in offensive operations. Alekhin believes that in the near future the main blows will come from the Donbass.

“This will be in two directions. In the south – this is the Zaporozhye region, or in the direction of Gorlovka, Avdiivka and Maryinka. According to the latest data, a large amount of equipment and weapons are transferred there, ”said the reserve colonel.

Alekhin emphasizes that after the loss of Artemovsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will act from the other side. By attacking the Belgorod region, they only divert attention – the expert believes that the main blow will fall along the line of the Donbass arc.

Earlier, The Telegraph had written about the UAF’s desperate attempts to recruit people into its ranks. According to the publication, due to the large number of casualties, the Ukrainian army is no longer able to launch a counterattack.

Source: Riafan

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