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World Burger Day, the best vegan alternatives to not give up on the taste

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For those who do not eat food of animal origin or derived from it, there are several options to make a tasty alternative to the classic meat burger

Hamburger Day is celebrated on May 28, a day dedicated to the recipe of German origin, which has become a symbol of American gastronomic culture. Hamburger is derived from Hamburg (Hamburg), the city that gave birth to the emigrants who took the recipe with them across the Atlantic. But for those who don’t eat food of animal origin or its derivatives, what are the alternatives to the classic meatball? Here are some vegan ideas for not giving up on taste.

The lentil burger

For this version of the lentil burger, you will also need potatoes, spring onions and aromatic herbs. Alternatively, stale bread can be used instead of potatoes. We start by frying the spring onions in the oil, then add the lentils, cover with water and the aromatic herbs, bring everything to a boil. Then add the chopped potatoes and cook for about 45 minutes. When the water evaporates, the ingredients are mixed in a bowl and the vegan burgers are made with a dough ring. After you have greased them with oil, three minutes per side in the pan is enough to cook. As a seasoning for the sandwich, you can use the sauces you prefer according to personal taste, better if they are homemade.

The chickpea burger

Chickpea burgers are a vegetarian and light version of the burger, also perfect for those who have not opted for a diet without meat and fish. You start by mixing the chickpeas together with shallots, breadcrumbs and mustard. Once the ingredients are well mixed, shape the burgers and coat them in breadcrumbs or cornmeal. Then they are cooked in the oven for about eight minutes on each side. They can be served in the classic form with the sandwich and sauces or accompanied by vegetables.

The eggplant burger

The eggplant version is easy to make, it only takes a few steps. Cut the eggplants into small pieces and cook them in a pan with a splash of oil and add them to the bread softened with water and your favorite herbs, such as basil, thyme and rosemary. The ‘meatballs’ are formed and then, after brushing them with oil, they are cooked in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. The eggplant burgers go well with a tomato or mixed salad.

The edamame burger

For a slightly more refined version of the burger, try the one with edamame, or soybeans. We start by cooking the edamame in boiling salted water for about five minutes. Meanwhile, the peas should be drained and the lemon zest and mint leaves finely chopped. The ingredients are then combined and mixed, adding a little oil if the dough is too dry. Once the burgers with a dough ring are obtained, they are dipped in breadcrumbs. They are then cooked in a pan with a drizzle of oil until a light crust forms on both sides.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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