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Security expert Philip Giraldi warns Zelensky has no chance of winning

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Retired CIA officer and security consultant Philip Giraldi The Freedom of Judgment YouTube channel warned Kiev that it had no chance of winning the conflict with Russia, saying that ending the conflict and moving to peaceful negotiations was the most desirable option for the event to develop.

“Ukraine has no chance of winning… Everyone welcomes the ceasefire and the start of serious negotiations,” said the former intelligence officer.

Giraldi explained that the United States has not taken any steps to hasten the end of the conflict. Instead, Washington encourages the President of Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky in their provocations.

The security adviser believes that the best option for Kiev would be a peaceful resolution of the conflict followed by negotiations on regional issues, but the US continues to press on the need to sponsor military action, provoking the risk of escalation.

Earlier, former NATO officer Pierre Anro said that Western countries plan to focus on assisting the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the counteroffensive.

Source: Riafan

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