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World Parents Day, activities to do with your kids

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It was established in 2012 by the United Nations and is celebrated every June 1. Let’s see what are the best activities to do with the family to have fun while learning

Not only Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, June 1st is celebrated as World Parent’s Day, first established on September 17, 2012 by the United Nations, now eleven years ago. An opportunity to celebrate the fundamental role of parents and the family in our society, perhaps using this day for an activity to share with your children. A healthy environment, which helps to experiment, to let the imagination run wild, to explore the world through play, is essential for the growth of every child. Therefore, it is important for parents to share play times with their children and more, which will help them develop their skills and potential.

From drawing to cooking

One of the first ways any child goes out into the world to express their emotions is through drawing. That is why it is important to follow them step by step in this activity, trying to stimulate their imagination and ask the meaning of colors and shapes, maybe share the sheet with them, thus feeding the imagination of both. A similar situation can arise in the kitchen, where involving the little ones in flour, eggs and sugar can prove to be a wonderful creative moment to share.

The importance of building

Whether it’s objects made of plastic, wood or characters from comics and movies, you can help the little ones build new toys and new situations, also in this case to give free rein to our imagination, invent stories and create new parallels. bring worlds to life. However, building also means developing relationships with others, ie getting in touch with people outside the family circle to increase interaction and empathy.

Getting your hands dirty and the fun of reading

A garden, but also a small terrace with some plants, or at least a piece of greenery to share, is a nice place to spend time with the family. Knowing how nature works, observing its changes and learning how to cope with its difficulties can prepare our children for growth. As it will be sure to read them, perhaps before going to sleep, books and stories, which will develop their imagination and the ability to fantasize.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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