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Horoscope of the day, the predictions of June 2 sign by sign

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest of this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s horoscope, June 2, sign by sign.


Venus isn’t as sympathetic today if you were born between April 17 and April 20. The sun gives you amorous successes if you are born in the second decade, while Pluto and Mars help you plan your studies. Watch the cost as Venus could force the hand.


Jupiter is completely in your sign and Mercury is also very friendly along with Uranus if born in the first and second decade. Pluto is against it and may cause some love disagreements, but Jupiter will resolve them if he is born between April 22 and April 27. Mercury will give you a hand in your studies if you were born in the second decade, while Mars could make you impulsive in spending today.


Mars and Pluto give you a sense of complete efficiency. Mars also enhances your sentimental bond if you are born between May 24 and 29, while Jupiter gives you the opportunity to use the correct terminology when presenting the study. You will open yourself to everything and this will be your happiness.


None of the planets are against you today. Mars invites you to try some sports, Venus protects a relationship that is just starting when she was born in the third decade. A little distraction today in the study, but try to focus and also take advantage of your generosity with Jupiter’s next date.


Mars and the sun are favorable to you, making you spirited and vibrant. Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus allow you to speak frankly in love, as does Venus if you were born between August 19 and 22. Mars helps you in your studies despite the discordant Mercury. Be less impulsive with spending!


Mercury and Uranus are smiling at you today, bringing you grace and decisiveness. If you were born in September, then today there may be less harmony with your dear half. Mercury helps you in your studies, while Saturn is very hostile in spending if born in the first and third decade.


Sun and Pluto increase your charm, making you very seductive. Moon is totally positive for you in love today, as is Mars. Pluto helps students born between September 23 and September 27. Today you allow yourself some small luxuries, with no expense spared.


Moon and Venus are benevolent these days, while Jupiter and Uranus force you not to overdo it with gastronomic pleasures. The Moon is also positively in love if born in the third decade. Are you preparing for exams? Luna will help you with that too! However, Jupiter asks you to watch your spending.


Sun, Neptune and Saturn do not rate you favorably. However, Mars and Pluto are in love by your side, as are the Moon and Venus. Those born in the first decade will have an advantage in Mars as they prepare for exams. Saturn is discordant in monetary management, so be careful.


The Moon is in a great position today, as is Saturn opening you to positively rationalize your love experiences. Neptune helps you as you study for competitions or exams, while Jupiter is happy to lend a hand to take advantage of your savings.


Moon frowns along with Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury but also Mars. However, the Sun and Pluto are favorable in the love relationship. You are studying? Semper Sole will favor you if you were born in the second decade. Jupiter is rowing against you so watch out for the expenses you incur today.


Jupiter, Neptune and the moon are all in favor today, even if the sun works against you if you were born between March 3 and 10. Your tact and kindness will soon change your single state, while in the study you can count on the moon and Venus if you are born in the third decade. Don’t be a spendthrift today!

Source: TG 24 Sky

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