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Horoscope for all signs, predictions for June 3

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest of this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s June 3 horoscope, sign by sign.


Mars and Pluto are very positive, as is the Sun. Passionate moment of the love phase and even if you are single, Mars will support you. Pluto also marks an excellent moment in the professional sphere, while you can rely on the advice of Jupiter and Uranus in terms of savings.


Jupiter and Venus support you if you were born in May and Saturn helps you too. Especially along with Neptune, it makes you let go of the couple’s insecurities. Minor controversy at work? Avoid them. Jupiter and Uranus make your investments possible today.


Pluto is greatly elevating you today and Uranus and Mercury are also supporting you. If you were born between May 25 and June 5, Mars requires you to cultivate feelings with passion. If you work in the sales world, you have the tools to do it right, but watch out for the hostile Saturn trying to empty your pockets!


Venus and Mercury lay the foundation for future success. Saturn and Neptune support you in love if you were born between June 23 and 29, especially for first decade singles. Clear skies at work and Uranus smoothes your steps as far as possible investments are concerned.


Mars lets you redeem after a gloomy period but beware because Uranus, Mercury and Pluto remain negative. Sun strengthens your desire for love stability, Mars gives you a leap forward at work, Jupiter and Uranus are financially negative.


Mercury, Uranus and Mars make you a bit shy, outgoing and very proactive. However, the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Neptune are very much opposite each other today, especially the Moon is in love (even if Venus supports you). Be nice to your colleagues and Uranus will give you the right time to invest.


Venus is discordant, but perseveres thanks to a beautiful moon, Pluto and the sun. Mars is lucky in love for those born between September 24 and 29 and opens you up to new possibilities, even at work. Sole helps you with money management.


Mars, Mercury and Pluto are all negative today. However, Neptune and Saturn but also the Moon support you in love. Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury are putting a little stress on your job today, but Neptune is opening you up to investment opportunities.


The moon supports you and Mars and Pluto also brighten up your day. Jupiter and Neptune are your benefactors in love, as is Mars. At work you are supported by Pluto; Mars and the moon, while a group of planets advise you to invest and you are not asked.


Saturn and Uranus as well as Mercury are all allies today, even if Venus is a bit discordant in love. Neptune will make sure everything works out for those born between January 16 and January 19. Venus is grumpy and won’t let you spend much if you’re born in the third decade, even if you’re going to amaze your co-workers at work.


The Moon gives you great incentives and many interests to cultivate today, with Mars discordant for physical activities, however. The moon is also positive in love, despite the Mercury-Uranus-Jupiter trident being negative for those born in the first and third decade. Sun makes you understand your professional worth, but Jupiter invites you not to invest today.


Moon is discordant today despite the good transit of Venus. Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus are positively in love, as is Saturn. A bit lethargic in the workplace due to the Moon, while Jupiter invites you to invest.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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