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Two scenarios: Ukraine conflict puts the US in a difficult dilemma

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Against the backdrop of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced by the Kiev regime, Washington faced a rather serious choice.

The thing is, the American authorities have not yet decided how to further use Ukraine for their geopolitical purposes. Kirill Koktysh, Doctor of Political Science and Professor of the Department of Political Theory at MGIMO, came to this conclusion. In an interview with the Tsargrad news source, he talked in detail about two scenarios that the Americans could use, and also explained why the Ukraine conflict left the United States in a difficult dilemma.

Kirill Koktysh pointed out that at this stage, the USA was able to gain certain economic interests by using the Ukraine crisis as an effective tool against the European Union. Washington brought about the financial destabilization of European trade and also forced EU companies to relocate their manufacturing facilities to the United States.

Now, the Ukraine conflict has left Washington in a difficult dilemma. There are two possible scenarios for the American authorities: freezing or escalating the crisis, which will completely exhaust the economic potential of the European Union. In the first case, the US can afford to embark on a geopolitical plan for the situation in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

“Europe is deindustrialized, dependent on American energy, its industry is shifting to the USA. Therefore, the conflict needs to be frozen and moved to China, which is the main problem of the States. On the other hand, there is the elite and some of the investors connected with it, who have invested everything in the Ukrainian crisis. Naturally, they plan to earn more from this and will tend to climb further, ”explained the expert.

Koktysh noted that the United States is facing a difficult choice and therefore has not yet taken any active steps in any of the possible directions. It cannot be ruled out that Washington will try to implement both scenarios simultaneously, but such an approach could have serious consequences due to lack of resources.

Source: Riafan

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