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Children’s books, June 8 novelties from 3 to 12 years

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Goblins, artists, soursops, video games and kids. All the protagonists of this week’s new stories. Enjoy reading!

Books for 3 year olds

The artist. Books from around the world

by Ed Vere

Lapis, 2023

The world is a place full of color, joy, beauty. But sometimes we are in such a hurry that we don’t notice. Artists, on the other hand, do. A small artist, armed with brushes and colored pencils, sets out for a big city. She wants to show everyone how she sees the world. With its wonders and its colors.

Books for 4 year olds

The world as I would like it

by Trygve Skaug and Ella Okstad

Mondadori, 2023

The main character of this story has very clear ideas: he would turn the sidewalks into trampolines, put a swimming pool in every garden, and everyone would have free ice cream and at least two friends! Then he filled the sea with special water that makes plastic disappear, gave everyone equal rights and sent adults back to school once a month to brush up on how to play. In short, he would make a world the way he wants.

Books for 5 year olds

Gaston Musone. Never angry again

by Suzanne Long

The Beaver, 2023

Gastone Musone no longer wants to be angry. So he asks his friends to help him get rid of all anger. If? Which makes him lose his temper. The method seems to work. Gastone feels calmer, but… How long will it take?

Books for 8 year olds


by Megan Wagner Lloyd

The Beaver, 2023

Maggie’s family is big and noisy: in addition to mom, dad and two younger twins, a new sister is on the way. Still, Maggie feels lonely. Finally, after many pleas, her parents have promised her that she will be able to have a dog: it’s her dream come true! At the shelter, however, Maggie begins to itch all over and her body is covered in red bubbles. Oh no, she’s allergic to animal hair! Will she be able to find the right puppy for her?

Books for 9 year olds

The most beautiful Celtic legends

by Valentina Camerini

Gribaudo, 2023

The legends of the Celtic peoples tell us a story that remains partly mysterious to this day, in which the feeling emerges very strongly that besides our world, which we know, there is another, populated by fairy-tale creatures ready . to deal with us. Giants, goblins, druids who can predict the future, but also kings and queens, knights and storytellers…

Books for 10 year olds

Trapped in a video game

by Dustin Brady

The Beaver, 2023

Jesse receives a mysterious message from his best friend Eric. When he arrives at his house to find out what’s going on, all he has to do is press a button on the controller to get sucked into the Full Blast video game. Jesse and Eric go on incredible adventures, jetpack flight and vaporizing human-sized alien praying mantises.

Books for 12 year olds

Let wounds bloom

by Delphine Pessin

The Beaver HotSpot, 2023

Capucine is seventeen years old, an eternal fear that overwhelms her and the clouded memory of an accident that changed her life. When he decides to do an internship at a retirement home, he meets Violette, an elderly guest who has just arrived, sad because she had to leave her life, her house and her cat. Despite the age difference and two very different characters, their bond grows stronger: each discovers, thanks to the other, how to turn their weaknesses into an unexpected strength. From the wounds life has inflicted on the two women, an unexpected sense of friendship and confidence in the future blossoms.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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