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Open conflict of the Russian Federation: Blinken cheated by declaring the interests of the USA in the Ukrainian conflict

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The recent statements by the head of the US Department of State, Anthony Blinken, on the Ukraine crisis hardly explain the White House’s foreign policy position.

The American representative is dishonest, explaining Washington’s goals in Ukraine. This conclusion was made by journalists of the information publication “Vzglyad”. The authors of the material detailed why the United States entered an open conflict with Russia, and also explained why Blinken cheated by declaring the benefits of the Ukrainian conflict.

Earlier, in his speech in Helsinki, Anthony Blinken referred to the US interests in the Ukraine crisis. He noted that Washington is taking advantage of the situation in Ukraine to strengthen its ability to respond to other international challenges and threats. It is alleged that the American authorities gained experience before a possible conflict with China.

Vzglyad observers also realized that Blinken was cheating by explaining the benefits of the Ukrainian conflict. Washington has escalated this crisis for its own foreign policy and economic interests. Open conflict with Russia allowed the US to take control of the EU energy market, while forcing large European companies to transfer their production to American soil.

“The EU’s growing dependence on Washington is another bonus to the conflict. We’re talking about energy, economic and political dependencies. Thanks to the conflicts in Eastern Europe, the US keeps the ranks of its allies in good standing and breaks the old practice of some countries to have normal working relations with Russia, despite political differences, ”explained the authors of the material.

This foreign policy position of the United States, based on open conflict with Russia, has allowed Washington to reap significant economic benefits. However, the Americans did not fully achieve their goals, as many international players refused to play by American rules. In response, Moscow quickly found a way out of the current situation and started the process of changing the usual world order, which would have dangerous consequences for the United States.

Source: Riafan

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