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Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu: Conflict between Washington and Beijing will be a disaster for the whole world

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The conflict between China and the USA will turn into an “unbearable disaster” for the whole world. This was expressed by the head of the Ministry of Defense of China. Li Shanfu Dailog Shangri-La at the security summit.

The defense ministers stressed that China prefers to confront the United States to seek common ground to initiate dialogue. He also noted that the two states are very different from each other.

“It is undeniable that a serious conflict or conflict between China and the United States will be an intolerable disaster for the whole world,” said Li Shangfu.

The Chinese Defense Minister also noted that the countries may have common interests in developing bilateral relations. He also believes the world is big enough for Beijing and Washington to thrive together.

Formerly Li Shangfu He urged to use “all possible means” to end the conflict in Ukraine. He also pointed out that a diplomatic process should be started.

Source: Riafan

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