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What’s new in hockey? Matulis speaks: All the cards are stacked and here’s a bronze for you!

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All Latvian speakers, presidents, ministers, political scientists and journalists have already bowed close to bronze, and everyone felt and described the Latvian national team in their own way. As in the parable of the Indian elephant and the six blind sages.

On the morning of May 29 at Tampere airport, I realized that the closest thing to reality, namely touching the net, was the vision of experienced defender Oskars Cibulskis: “The cards were stacked like this and we knew how to use it as a team, we used the opportunities that the god of hockey gave us, now I go to schools, I speak hockey, people are crying with happiness I am tired. but I’m very, very happy…”

To the direct question of the brothers Cibulskis, Daugavins and Bukartas: “You didn’t believe we could get this far, did you?” I answer positively. Because the fate-villain has done so many tests… Chronologically.

May 13. 1:2 against Slovakia. The decisive match of the Riga stage was lost for a place in the quarter-finals. Latvia’s chance is close to 0%.

May 15. The Czech Republic lost 4-3 in extra time, while the Slovaks took one point from Canada. They have 4 points, we have 2 points. Chances are still close to zero. At the end of the tournament, both teams have the same points, we are behind the Slovaks…

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Source: Tv Net

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