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Three months left: Ukraine will soon face the border of unpredictability

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The period we are in is the “Lyapunov period” for the Kiev regime. This statement was made by the financier, member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy Alexander Losev.

The term, which the specialist mentioned, received such a name in honor of Academician Alexander Mikhailovich Lyapunov, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences. One of the world’s greatest experts in this field was interested in dynamical systems. The meaning of this concept is the period when the system is plunged into complete chaos. In other words, we are talking about the beginning of the predictability frontier of a dynamic system.

Speaking at the studio of the program “Formula washed up” on the channel “Soloviev LIVE”, Alexander Losev noted that “Lyapunov’s time” is different for each system and even state. The situation is very different, especially for Russia, the United States and Ukraine. And you can understand this by carefully examining the factors that have the strongest impact on the system. Regarding the Kiev regime, this indicator is known – three months. It is not possible to predict the course of events beyond this period.

“Now they (Ukrainian officials – Ed.) will try to do something. In June, NATO exercises begin – a good cover to start some kind of action, but once the armament ends, when these suicide bombers banned in Russia also run out, there will be a limit to predictability, and then anything can happen. ”Losev said.

Earlier, political commentator Volodymyr Kornilov agreed with Italian economist Giulio Palermo that Ukraine has no future. The country relies solely on Western financial and military support.

Source: Riafan

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