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Elena Christopoulou – Dimitris Papanotas: a new TV rivalry begins

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Elena Cristopoulou has worked as a model and artist manager for many years, and this year she is also on TV every day as part of the show. Our breakfast SKAI. Dimitris Papanotas, on the other hand, works for the show’s broadcaster. Happy day Alpha, for many years. The latter’s phrase about Elena Christopoulou’s first professional capacity, however, without mentioning her name, was enough to start an exchange of comments. between them. Grab some popcorn and let’s go see what’s up.

The program Happy Day on Monday, 06.05, showed an interview with Nikos Muratidis. After watching, Dimitris Papanotas, among other things, commented: We live in an era where this lady works as a manager, what is her name? I don’t even remember. And Muratidis driving a car.”. Stamatina Tsimtsili said with humor (and obvious fortune-telling skills): “A new cycle will open.”

A new cycle began when Elena Christopoulou decided to react to the moment when Dimitris Papanotas “suffered” from Chrysoula Diavatis and forgot her name. Therefore, she saw fit to remind him of her professional path, speak in a stern tone, and wish him good night through her Instagram story.


“A long time ago you try to belittle me, you talk bad about me, dismiss my work, having no idea who I am, what I do and how much I fought. I have been working for 20 years without disturbing anyonenot asking for favors, not giving discounts, not giving rights.

Stable without fanfare. I got a lot of hits for a lot. But for my work, I will not allow more. I’m Elena Cristopoulou, why don’t you ever say my name? You always talk about this lady with irony. Arrives!

I believe in good luck in preparing for the meeting while there is light. It’s me! If you have another question, I can answer it. Good evening, Mr. Dimitris Papanota.»Elena Christopoulou wrote in a story posted on her personal Instagram account.

Happy Day aired another “episode” of the conflict between Elena Christopoulos and Dimitris Papanotas, as the show commented on the interview she gave to Studio 4 ERT, Iliana Papageorgiou. “He has a reason, look in this interview how well he speaks“, said Dimitris Papanotas, and Kostas Fragolias answered him: “That is, to such an extent that the manager is no longer needed, my Dimitris?”

“Manager, what’s her name? Do you remember?’Tina Messaropoulou asked him, and Dimitris Papanotas replied: “Juan Deva”. “Leave Elena Christopoulou, who sees us in the morning, do not anger her”– commented in conclusion Stamatina Tsimtsili.

“Did you read the tear? Juana is a virgin, as usual. Odyssey of an Enchanted Woman.Dimitris Papanotas then asked her, to which Stamatina Tsimtsilis replied in the negative. “You lose” concluded Dimitris Papanotas.

Since when the disengagement and the need of a person to protect himself or his work became the “Odyssey of the downtrodden”, perhaps only Dimitris Papanotas knows. It’s good to stand up for yourself if you’re hurt, but in Dimitris Papanotas’ universe, that’s probably called weakness and “crying”.

He also knows why he cannot call Elena Cristopoulou by her full name and instead prefers names known from Mexican soap operas, which are used disparagingly in everyday speech. However, Elena Christopoulou contacted him personally. And something tells us that if necessary, he will do it again.

Source: Lady Like

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