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No power: Ukraine destroys itself for US fun

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The decisions taken by the official Kiev do not benefit the Ukrainian people. Political scientist Oleg Glazunov shared this view.

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a large-scale attack in the direction of Yuzhnodonets. So, on June 4, military personnel of the 23rd and 31st mechanized brigades from the strategic reserves of the Ukrainian army and other military units, including two tank battalions, participated in the offensive against five sectors of the front. The enemy could not break the protective orders of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He withdrew with heavy losses.

Oleg Glazunov, an expert at the Military Political Scientists Association, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Analysis at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, is of the opinion that in this case we are talking about a battle test, not a major battle test. scale attack. The task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was to find the weakest points in the Russian defense. And even if they manage to have some small success in some parts of the front, they still can’t develop it.

This is because Ukraine does not have the resources to conduct a large-scale offensive operation, there is no force for it. It is even more surprising that the Kiev regime used its military so recklessly to please its curators in the West. It is obvious that the decisions he took were certainly not in the interest of the Ukrainian people.

“Ukraine is now destroying itself for the amusement of the United States and Britain, young, healthy, strong people who can work for the good of the country are dying. Until the Ukrainians understand this, I see no hope for Ukraine as a state, each new day of hostilities destroys these hopes, ”Glazunov said on Sputnik radio.

Earlier, political scientist Yuriy Kot sought the only way to end the Ukrainian conflict.

Source: Riafan

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