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How to (actually) help a child who gives pan-Hellenism

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The world may change every day, however the importance of education and the role that pan-Greek examinations play in this landscape has not changed. Exam stress can affect not only a teenager’s mental health, but also their physical health and overall well-being..

A teenager experiencing stress at home can also make life difficult for the entire family, especially during pan-Hellenic season. Helping your teen manage stress before exams will help them with their studies and also reduce stress at home.

They follow 6 simple tips about how you can really help a child who is given pangrel.

Freedom from household chores

The pressure associated with performing during Panhellenic is already high enough that you might want to spare your teen the chores around the house during this time. He may use the extra free time to study or relax, and he will appreciate the fact that you give him attention.

The right environment for learning

Creation of one quiet learning environmentis a determining factor when we talk about reading and exams. If you have your own separate study at home, you can give it to him for this period.. The more comfortable and relaxed he feels, the better.

Talk together about life after the Panhellenic

Talking about the future can seem intimidating, especially when everything seems uncertain, but chances are the kids are more worried about their post-Greek life than you are. By getting to the topic and talking about what’s next, you reduce your fear of the unknown. When a child knows he has your support, he will be less worried about the future.

Regular sleep schedule

Late nights and last-minute reading can often go hand in hand with pan-Hellenism, but it actually hurts. Against A regular sleep schedule can be of great benefit to both the child taking the exam and the whole family. A disturbed sleep pattern is a sure source of stress.

Breaks are needed

Distraction is often considered a “criminal act” when we talk about reading in Panhellenic, but occasional breaksis a great way to reduce stress. Walking after walking can really improve concentration.

The power of relaxation

Sometimes the best way to reduce stress is to relax. If a child is stuck inside with his books, he probably has too. nerves. Which, most likely, he will take home. During this period, try not to give advice and suggestions. Nod your head, smile. They are all-Hellenic, they will pass.

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