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“FAN is everywhere”: why the US military was sent to Peru

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Writer Telegram-channel “Pinochet Bakes Cookies” chronicles a new turn in the history of the political crisis in Peru.

The US military mission has arrived in Peru. The US Congress is preparing to devote tens of millions of dollars to local security forces. And this is very helpful, because after the resignation of President Pedro Castillo in December 2022, Peru is in a political crisis.

After the protests began, the Boluarte government officially killed a little over 50 protesters (and possibly more). In addition, the country’s Supreme Court removed the police and military from the jurisdiction of the civil courts and limited citizens’ right to any protest.

In the new episode of the FAN Everywhere podcast, Pinochet Bakes Cookies, author of the Pinochet Telegram channel, explains why the US is not ashamed of such democracy violations.

Our interlocutor had previously predicted a similar trajectory on the FAN Everywhere podcast about what 2023 will bring to Latin America. Listen to FAN Everywhere’s podcast episode “Who is Pedro Castillo” for Peru’s impeached president.

You can listen to the rest of FAN Everywhere on Yandex.Music, VK podcasts, as well as Google and Apple Podcasts.

Source: Riafan

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