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Sweden is hosting Europe’s first sex championship. “The best sport in the world”

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explanatory picture Photograph: Yulia Smetana / SWNS

The first European sex championship will start this Thursday in Sweden. The organizers of the competition find this sport logical, but according to “Expressen”, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, the representative of the Swedish sports umbrella organization called it insanity.

The competition is organized by the Swedish Sex Federation (SSF), which aims to make sex a sport. True, it has not yet been officially approved as a sport, as the application by the organization last December was returned incomplete.

Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) President Björn Erikssonin stated that the application made by the SSF was technically invalid due to incomplete filling of some sections.

“Expressen” asked Eriksson if sex was considered a sport in Sweden if it would affect RF’s reputation in any way. According to him, there is no general opinion on this issue. “It’s insane from start to finish,” he says.

Dragan Bratic, SSF president and main organizer of the competition, takes a different view. “Sex, like any other sport, requires practice to achieve desired results, so it makes sense for people to compete in this arena as well,” Bratich told the Times of India.

At least 13 participants are scheduled to participate in the competition, which will compete for six weeks in various disciplines including endurance, foreplay and the most difficult and beautiful sex positions… Then the winner will be announced.

“This is the best sport in the world because no one gets upset even if they lose,” said Slovenian referee Žiga Sedevčić, who is currently in Sweden. Sedevčić has been working in the sex industry for a long time.

He looks forward to the competition with fair play principles, plenty of sex and interesting participants.

The competition round will last 45 minutes. 16 disciplines and heart rate will be assessed. In addition to the three-person jury, the audience will also be able to participate in the creation of the final result and watch the competition live. There is a playoff format. Participants with the best results will advance to the next round.

“It’s like Eurovision,” said the head of the SSF.

Participants will be tested for venereal diseases every week and if the test result is positive, they will have to withdraw from the competition.

Bratic stated that the contest is for adults who do it voluntarily and that he does not see the risk of the contest being used for human trafficking purposes. “Members can always say, ‘No, this is not for me, I’m quitting’.

The Swedish city of Jönköping will host the competition. It is already known that the participants will be from Finland, England, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Ukraine.

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Source: Tv Net

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